The aid of Quran Explorer

Islam is the only way to salvation and peace. Islam refers submission to the will of Allah. If we want peace in our lives we must submit all our actions, desires and everything we have to Almighty Allah. We need to know this beautiful deen so that we can achive the ultimate success in this life and the hereafter. Almost all of us do some actions that are obligations in Islam but majority seem reluctant to know this deen in details. Now, with the advancement of technology we can get a good knowledge on Islam and we can follow this Deen better. We have lots of Islamic software, Quran Explorer, Hadith Reader, Adhan Timer and more which could show us the path of peace if we wanted to see.

In the past, people had to travel a long way to meet some Scholars and get the knowledge on this religion. But now we can easily get information about this beautiful Deen through the use of our modern devieces such as computer, Android phone, iPhone etc.

Reading and understanding the Noble Quran is a must if we want to follow Islam properly. Instead of wasting our time in some foolishness or meaninglessness such as watching movie, playing video games or listening to music we can go to online and visit some Quran explorer sites. Things have become so easy now. We do not have to jump to other sites for translation, meaning, tafseer or finding out the best reciters. Now everything is found in just one place. We are able to select Verses; we can search specific Verse or word in the Quran. If we want to know how many times do the Quran contain the word Marry then its is possible by some clicks only.

Duvet covers: Tips & Tricks

There is nothing new in using duvet covers, all of us do. But we do not know many facts regarding these covers. Here we will discuss about some useful tips and tricks related to duvet covers.

Useful tips for duvet covers

Duvet covers are the biggest part of a bed and probably the first thing of bed that anyone notices. For long lasting beautiful duvet covers, we need to be careful while using, washing and storing them. These covers are usually made of cotton or polyester fabrics which are easy to wash.

If your duvet covers are made of woven materials, you need to be more careful while washing them. As the machine starts drying them, the covers get stretched and get de-shaped. To avoid this, you can wring those with hands right after washing with the help of a machine.

Luxury duvet covers are made of expensive materials such as silk. This type of materials need extra care as they cannot handle the harsh washing system of machines. To make those covers shine as new ones, they should be dry cleaned only.

Oils and greases should be kept far away from duvet covers. While washing covers in machine, adding 8-10 drops of lavender oil will work as perfume and will last longer on the cover. You can also throw a couple of tennis balls in the machine with the duvet to ensure an even drying.

Cotton duvet covers should be used while storing comforters rather than plastic bags. Because plastic bags cause an odor into duvets which is hard to erase later.

Tricks for duvet covers

There are so many unknown yet useful tricks for these covers. The most disgusting duvet cover problem encountered by us is- the duvet slides down the cover. It is really painful when we notice that our duvet has curled into a ball inside the cover and we are shivering in the midnight holding just the cover.

The secret to keep the duvet in place is easy as pie. Sewing small ties in four corners of the cover will keep the duvet in place, no matter what you do with that. Ribbons and twill tapes work best as ties.

Who doesn’t hate to put on a duvet cover? Here we will reveal the secret of putting a duvet cover on within 10 seconds.

Turn the cover inside out and hold on your arms inside it, gripping the corners of the cover.  Holding on, grip the two corners of the duvet and shake the cover down. Voila! Tie the mouth and you are done.

What to Consider When Purchasing Wholesale Pillow Cases

Wholesale pillow cases have a huge demand these days. A variety of pillows with distinct qualities and benefits are available in the market. They are available in different sizes. A favorite choice is the large square pillow. It can also be used as an extra pad and support against the headboard when you are sitting in bed while reading or watching your favorite television show.

Stylish square wholesale pillow cases provide additional cushion for the smaller pillows on your bed. This particular pillow is used more of a fashionable accessory than its functionality. However, the case may be, this type of pillow needs a pillowcase to make it look stylish and more appealing. Similarly, they need pillowcases to prevent them from getting stained or dirt. The size of the wholesale pillow cases must conform to the size of the pillow; otherwise, it could look really smashed and full of lumps.

The most common type of pillow and the most used is the rectangular shaped pillow as a support cushion for the head especially when lying down on the bed.

Physical Characteristics of wholesale pillow cases

Pillows and cushions can be both functional and fashionable products not just for bed use but for other areas as well. With this scenario, there also rise the demands for wholesale pillow cases that are equally attractive and fashionable. These pillowcases are available in many different designs, styles, and colors, from solid or monochromatic to striking colors and chic pastel colors. You can choose as per your requirements. Such choices can make you stand out in a room while making an upgrade for overused pillow in any area of your home.

Using wholesale pillow cases

The main purpose of a pillow case is to provide cover the pillow, protect it from getting stained or damaged for an extended period of usability. Additionally, it makes a room, or the bed for that matter, to look more hygienic, more organized, and a lot more appealing. It acts as a trap to dust and other forms of dirt. Make sure you buy the best quality wholesale pillow cases to get all the benefits they offer.

It is easy to change and be washed on a regular basis. However, while it can provide protection and cover for the pillow, it can also be used to bring life to the room or any area with many great designs, styles, and vibrant colors available to choose for your wholesale pillow cases. With a little research online, you may find the right place to make the best buy.

Advanced Specs to Turn Future MINIs Speedier and Greener

Recently, the specifications of forthcoming MINIs have been revealed suggesting a massive upturn in their performance and drive quality. The upgrades include a new automatic gearbox that will employ GPS to shift between gears.

new mini

What’s in Store?

The third-gen MINI range will arrive and how! Complete technical specifications, including the minutest details of its latest three-cylinder and four-cylinder engine series have been disclosed.

Some minis need to be fitted with run flat tyres which are supplied National Tyres and Autocare.

The glimmering looks of the new MINI are already known to the automobile industry, well before its imminent debut at the LA Motor Show later this year. The car’s Vision concept introduced in July and its spy pictures that took rounds earlier said it all. Its striking design – first embodied in the Rocketman concept, and remarkably transformed interiors give ample clues on where the latest MINI is headed to.

Engine Range

Now we even have complete knowledge about the tech-specs of this third-gen hot hatch. The engine family will comprise two 1.5-litre turbo engines with three-cylinder construction. One of those will be a 134bhp petrol engine and the other one, 114bhp diesel, with respective torque outputs of 220Nm and 270Nm. Also, there will be 189bhp 2.0-litre petrol version with 280Nm torque powering the Cooper S; and the same model tuned to generate 220bhp in John Cooper Works range of cars.

Engine upgrades will amount to significantly higher velocities compared to the precursors. MINI also claims high efficiency gains as a consequence to using high-strength steels extensively in building the new models.

New Transmission Set Up

The new MINI range will come with two transmission options. There will be a fresh six-speed manual gearbox, equipped with same advanced rev-matching gear shift technology employed in the next-gen BMW models to achieve perfect downshifts. The automatic transmission will employ the GPS-guided gear-shift unit incorporated in Rolls-Royce Wraith model. This auto option will enable the transmission to respond in accordance with the nature of approaching slope or corner.

Ride Handling

MINI, for the first time, will come equipped with adaptive dampers to enhance ride comfort and up the daily usability. Sport and Comfort will be the two modes offered, respectively offering sharper drive and more relaxed ride. The drive will be able to switch between these with extreme ease, at the flip of a button.

MINI will retain the multi-link suspension at the rear, albeit with drastic redesigning for larger rear space and boot area. The new range of MINIs will also ensure better load area accessibility.

Stiffer suspension arms plus broader front track and rear should mean sportier handling. Moreover, the electric steering will employ variable resistance to ensure easy drivability at low speeds and during parking. MINI has also introduced Active Rotational Damping to play down torque steer; the feature is expected to come in quite handy in case of potent JCWs.

Finally, the latest MINI range will get intelligent passive safety technology including a new collision-sensing bonnet that will pop up to soak up most of the impact.

We wait for the official launch with a bated breath – less than two months now for the performance and efficiency stats to be revealed.